Sauna stoves

We have 25 years of experience in manufacturing sauna stoves!

Our sauna stoves are intended for us to 12 m2 steam rooms. We offer sauna stoves that can be heated from the inside the steam room as well as from the outside. Our product range also includes sauna stoves with mesh housing.

Advantages of our sauna stove:
· Fast heating — thanks to the air flue between the hearth and the smoke flue, the air from the floor can go upwards from between the stones, ensuring good circulation.
· Long-lasting — the stove in constructed in a way that air can go upwards from the bottom, the excess water thrown on the stones flows on the floor. 8 mm steel hearth ensures a longer operational life.
· Over 75% efficiency is ensured by several smoke flues built inside the sauna stove, which prevent the heat from going directly to the chimney.
· Quality — Rapla Metall OÜ sauna stoves have CE marking.
· Flexibility — if possible, we manufacture custom-made products for our customers
· Reliability — we have manufactured sauna ovens for already 25 years.