Rapla Metall OÜ produces waste handling presses for retail stores, shopping centres, waste collection stations and apartment associations for pressing package materials.

The waste handling presses are of different hydraulic power: 16 tons, 35 tons and 63 tons; and labelled according to the corresponding output: Packer 16, Packer 35, Packer 53.

It is possible to compact paper/cardboard and film/plastic waste. Waste is compacted in press compartment into rectangular cube that can be fitted into a pallet with a maximum height of 1200 mm. Depending on the specific press being used, the compacted block weighs either 120-300 kg (Packer 16), 300-450 kg (Packer 35) or 400-550 kg (Packer 53).

Why you should choose a waste handling press?

Using a waste handling press is economical and helps to save on costs:

·      transport cost

·      less space is needed for storing waste

·      in addition, you do not need to pay for the so-called air-transport resulting from the waste transportation in open containers

·      waste is sorted immediately, i.e. film and paper/cardboard separately

·      handling press creates a cleaner working environment

·      waste handling press reduces a fire risk

·      package balls can be immediately directed to recycling; instead the waste would create costs, it will earn money