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Solid fuel boilers

We are producing steel boilers for different types of fuels. Boilers with capacity 25-500 kW are suitable for both small and large users (villas, terraced houses, apartment buildings, production halls etc). If You do not know which boiler is suitable for your building, please contact us and ask for free consultation for best solution.
Advantages to other solid fuel boilers are:
- reliability: well planned design of a boiler ensures a long lifetime
- various fuel types: logs, coal (if burner added) wood chips, grain leftovers wood granules, pellets, wood and peat briquette, sawdust and wood shavings
- flexibility: we produce a tailor-made product according to customer's requests
- quality: boiler steel is used in production of a boiler and the standard EN303-5 is followed
- effectivness: three air ways for smoke that ensure high effeciency and low temperature of smoke
- comfort: large service hatches and voluminous firebox ensuring comfortable heating and cleaning
- dependability: we have produced boilers for over 20 years

There is 2 year warranty to all our products and services.