The accumulation tanks enables to prolong the heating cycle and keep more even temperature in the rooms being heated. We are producing cylindrical (AKM) and rectangular (AKP) accumulation tank in an isolated and unisolated way. Also you can order tailor-made accumulation tanks according to your need. Accumulation tanks are suitable for different sized residential houses, terraced houses and production buildings- for every place where the prolongation of heating cycle and lower heating costs are needed.

Why you need accumulation tank?
- it gives more value to your heating system
- prolongs the heating cycle and keeps even temperature in the rooms
- tank equipped with electrical heating element enables to us both daily and cheaper nightly electricity.

Accumulation tank is an inseparable part of a heating system that uses biofuel for heating. The accumulation tank enables the boiler to work at the rated load with high operating efficiency.

In order to make it possible for the biofuel boiler to operate at the rated load with high operating efficiency, an accumulation tank, which is large enough for saving the heat that is currently not needed, should be connected with the heating system.

Accumulation tank is also needed in the wood heating system because wood boilers have high inertia and the flame does not burn down immediately after the end of consumption, but the burning process continues until all the fuel has completely burnt out. The heat that is created after the end of the consumer demand is saved in the accumulation tank and it can be used as soon as the demand increases, and then the boiler has again time to achieve the operating mode at the rated load.

Connecting an accumulation tank to a wood heating system is clever also because it decreases the risk of the boiler coming to the boil during heating in case of power outages when the pumps stop working. Natural circulation continues in the mixing unit between the boiler and the accumulation tank, and warm water moves from the boiler to the tank, and cooler water, coming out from the lower part of the tank, moves to the boiler by keeping the temperature of the water entering the boiler at 60 - 95oC.

If you use logwood boiler for heating, the problem is that you have to constantly heat in order to keep the house warm, and sooner or later the boiler still cools down below 60oC. However, it is not good for the lifetime of the boiler to let it cool down and heat up again. Accumulation tank basically solves these problems. When heating up the accumulation tank during one longer and more intensive heating process, it is then possible to use the saved heat, and depending on consumption, heat again either once a day or even more seldom.*

*Frequency of heating depends on the capacity of the boiler, size of the tank and consumption needs.

If the boiler works periodically at the rated load without cooling down at the high operating efficiency, there will be considerably less tar and pitch in the boiler and flue as the majority of those components burn up at higher temperatures. Burning at higher temperatures also prevents the risk of corrosion, which may occur at low temperatures. This, in turn, helps keep the expected lifetime of the boiler.

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